Carving your dreams into reality

Do you ever think of what you want for yourself in the future? Things like what type of work you would like to be doing, what type of partner you would like to have, whether or not you’re interested in raising any (or more) children. Where you would like to live and how you would like to spend most of your time. These are the sorts of things to consider when you are working to create your life vision. If you find that you are not getting anything that you would like to out of your life or find that you feel stuck and like you are not getting anywhere, then its likely a good time to closely consider whether or not you have seriously thought about or planned around what it would take for you to feel more satisfied in your life. There are more than a couple of ways to live life but some people live it based on whats happened or happening to them, just finding ways to get by the best they can considering their circumstances. And others envision the life they want, plan how to get there and cross tasks off their list going all the way.

If you aren’t sure of what you are interested in, there are many online and book tests that you could take to look into what type of career would work for your personality and goals. There are also other important things to consider like the current and projected economy and career trends but there is also information available to figure those things out. Think of what you enjoy, what you feel skilled at and where you believe your talents lay. Ask supportive friends and family members for feedback but avoid the nay sayers and dream killers. If you still don’t have any ideas think of the happiest and most fulfilled times you have had in your life- what were you doing? That can be a really good gauge for things you may want to do for a living.

Think of what it is that you most want to receive in the relationships you are in or want to be in. Is it empathy, understanding, love, someone to notice the small but helpful things you do and acknowledge them? Whatever it is, make a point of doing it for others. Thank others if you would like to be thanked, tell people how wonderful they are if you would like to hear it yourself, be there for others if you want to receive that sort of support when you need it. And ask for it from others that you feel can give it.

No ones life is scripted and no one can plan it perfectly, and yes we all have obstacles in life. Some we can and some we can’t get around. But there are things you can do and do have control over. And even if the things you can control are minimal- go about taking control over them. People are generally happier when they feel somewhat in control of their lives. Only you can truly decide what will and wont work for you and your life, but you have to pay attention. Zone into whether you feel you are moving and going where you want to be and having the type of life you want to have, create a vision, and go about crafting the life you want for yourself. Only you can make it happen!

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