Finding the right therapist

So you’re looking for a therapist. What do you need to know? Below are some questions designed for you to ask your potential therapist, and some designed for you to ask yourself to help you to find a good match for yourself. You can ask these upfront, but it’s best if you ask yourself the questions designed for you after you meet with them initially.

1) What is your professional license and in which state are you licensed? What education, professional experience and examinations did you need to complete in order to acquire your professional license?

2) Where is your office located? What public transportation is accessible near by? Is there parking available?

3) What days and times do you see clients during the week?

4) Can you describe the way you engage clients? How long do you generally work with clients for?

5) What experience have you had working with people who have the same concerns that I have? What was the outcome of your work with them?

6) Are you available for same day or phone appointments if I have an emergency? How could I reach you in an emergency?

7) Do you see clients with their loved ones if there is a need to? Does this cost more or less than my regular sessions?

8) Do you take my insurance? Do you have sliding scale fees? What is your fee?

The initial meeting should serve as a test drive for your work with this therapist. Now ask yourself these questions:

1) Does this person seem like they understood the concerns I have? Do I have the sense that they will “get” me?

2) Will therapy with this therapist fit in my finances, either because I can afford sessions with them, or they accept my insurance carrier?

3) Can I access this person in an emergency even if its just an urgent scheduling change?

4) Can I get to the location without too much difficulty? Is the office space comfortable?

5) Do people they have worked with who have had the same concerns I do- do they have results that I might want to have?

Finding a therapist that you can work with is very important in meeting your goals. The person and how they mesh with you, are equally as important as their professional training. Think it through. Good Luck!