What will Your Legacy be?

I recently learned that August is national “What will Your Legacy Be?” month. Without calling it a “legacy”, I have been thinking a lot about my own legacy and the legacy’s of others. In my practice legacy actually comes up pretty frequently. Your legacy is what you will leave, the mark you will make on this earth which will have an impact. Its what you are remembered for while you are living, and even after you are no longer in a physical body on this earth.

What shapes your legacy is the way that you live your life and the decisions that you make while you are here.  Some people want their legacy to be parenting differently than their own parents so that they can provide a stronger foundation for their own children’s lives than what was provided them. Others work to establish a specific amount of wealth or to make substantial change in their local community, country or even around the globe. The way you treat the planet we live on can be part of your legacy. Generally speaking its created by the way you treat other human beings in part because of the lasting impact of the way you treat others.

We all carry beliefs about ourselves and the world around us, whether reality based or just from our own fears and thinking patterns. And the beliefs we carry and the way we live, is partly effected by the legacy that’s been given to us. Our interactions with the world around us, what we are told about how we should be, what we can expect from friends, family, a mate, these relationships are at least partly informed by the legacy that our parents have given us. These are the  messages we are given throughout our youth about how to be and what to expect from the world.

If you’re a parent, know that you are both providing your child with and shaping your child’s legacy simultaneously in your every day interactions with them. A child’s inner voice is slowly molded by the words that are spoken to them. So choose them carefully.

What will your legacy be?