As we are well into the season of thanks, I think of all of the things I am grateful for. A family of imperfect people, and a circle of imperfect friends, I am touched by the love and support I am able to gain from them. A friend of mine recently told me I don’t need to expect the support from particular people or places, but just to take it as it comes and from whomever it comes from. This was sound advice, and it was advice that allowed me to more fully appreciate the tremendous amount of love and support I do receive. It’s important to stay connected to whats important during this season.

Many people become especially lonely and depressed around the holiday season. The expectations of the fun you should be having, the gifts you should be giving and receiving, and the family you should be loved by may be quite different from anything that you or anyone else could possibly live up to. So try to take a moment and step back, consider what it is that you want to do to celebrate and focus on that. Whether it’s an hour on the phone with a family member or friend, or taking a moment to write a thank you note, celebrate the season your way.