One of the most important traits a person, or family, can have is the ability to adapt to change. Life is ever changing, as are our relationships. Family’s have to adapt to change as children grow older, roles and needs change. Relationships change. As a therapist, i often find that family’s that are struggling with issues, are really struggling with adapting to something new. The youngest child grows up and doesn’t follow the family pattern and strikes out into the world differently than his siblings and parents did. A teenagers developing identity begins to display to her parents that she isn’t the child they had always imagined she would be. She isn’t the daughter they always wanted- she is very different than they thought she would be. She speaks louder and is more outspoken, or is extremely shy when they imagined her turning out differently. ┬áIt may sound simple, but adapting to these things can be incredibly challenging for some family’s. A family often has to grieve the loss of who and what they expected compared to what they have. With time and support, they may learn to appreciate the gifts and talents this child expresses.