Love comes in many forms. Are you searching for it- do you already have it? Maybe a little of each? In preparation for speaking at a speed dating event I took some time to think about love. Luckily for me, it’s one of my favorite subjects! I am not sure if it fascinates me because of its ability to motivate and the raw strength that i have seen people develop when they are experiencing love or if its the romantic and almost magical fun elements of it.But love, and falling in love are two almost magical things to me. I revisited conversations i have had with friends and colleagues that work in the mental health field and even brushed up on a few old texts. I remember a psychologist friend discussing how love occurs, she had studied love in depth and completed her dissertation on it. I was shocked when she told me that feeling that another person loves you and is into you is one of the primary factors that makes you love them more. This was interesting to me when compared with ideas about playing hard to get and push and pull that so many of us humans have experienced. For the event, I ended up discussing four of the different types of love found in Greek mythology- Eros (passionate love), Storge (love that’s built over time), Philia (brotherhood or community love) and Agape (selfless and never ending, sacrificial love). Clearly i am not the only one that’s fascinated with this topic.There are many types of love that have been studied, documented and discussed throughout time. If you are one of those searching for more of it, take today to remind yourself of the love that you already do have in your life- family and friends count! And if you’re one of those that is happily paired- enjoy and don’t forget to appreciate your partner every day. Happy Valentine’s Day!