Change your mind

What would it be like to see the same old world through new lenses? Have you ever woken up wanting to get out of something you found yourself stuck in? Whether its a situation with other people that you keep finding yourself in, or a personal issue you haven’t been able to tackle, we all get stuck at some point. And if we get out of it, its generally because we had to change our mind at some point. Whether its something major like accepting and tackling mental health issues our loved ones or ourselves may deal with, or something less challenging like changing our opinion. I don’t mean changing your favorite color or most comfy seat in your home; but the times when our personal philosophy or way of navigating the world don’t work for us anymore. Times when we have to make changes so that the pieces fit and life can go on smoothly. Not necessarily that you will go along to get along but the times where we have to strategize and find a way to operate successfully in a role, even an undesired role.

-An example might be becoming sick. A patient is more likely to become well if they accept the current situation and take the necessary steps to remedy the situation. Whether its waiting for an illness to run its course and rolling with the ups and downs of the illness while taking steps to take care of their self.

-You might find yourself with a new manager or colleague whose particular style clashes completely with yours and then have to work through it delicately to maintain your position, at least for a while.

-Managing your life after a break up. This may mean that you have to be more open and sociable to allow new people and opportunities into your life.

Successfully getting through those situations requires a shift in thinking and behaving. Think through your current situation and life challenges and ask yourself if you need to change your mind.