Think fresh

Spring is here and its been about a week since this period of renewal has started. So far the only new thing that has occurred is a national effort and plan to end groundhog Punxsutawney Phil’s life for giving us false notions about an early spring, which hasn’t happened. Luckily there are ways, besides warm weather, to become freshly renewed. One of them is renewing your thinking. Balance out your negative thoughts and ideas with positive ones. When you’re feeling afraid, worried, or thinking negative thoughts, take a moment to balance each of those things with logic. You can keep the realistic responses in your head or you can write it down. And each time your mind goes into negative thinking, use what you know to be logical and true to get you out of it. Most of the time, our fears create a much more frightening and difficult picture in our mind than whats realistically happening. You can be logical and positive to balance yourself and your thoughts out. Fortunately the more you practice it, the easier it will become.