In the spirit of volunteerism

It’s the beginning of the year – are you thinking of the impact you want to make this year?   Have you set any goals? Is your plan to ride out whatever the year has in store for you?

This is a time when many people think about giving of their time and energy by volunteering. Some times it might seem like you couldn’t possibly do anything more than you already do…..or as if you have too many burdens yourself to be able to help others. And while all of this is quite likely true it’s also very likely that you could reap many benefits by volunteering to help others or finding a way to give of your time and energy.

Through volunteering you can meet new people and engage in new experiences. You can expand your social network. The experience can be very meaningful and rich depending on what you decide to do.  You can become more connected to your community. When added to a resume it demonstrates that you are interested in helping others and that you enjoy working. There are also strong emotional and physical health benefits involved.

Giving to others can boost your mood and help you to feel better. Not only will you feel good in the moment while you’re interacting and giving of yourself, but the social ties and connections you make can have a lasting impact on your mood. This is because you may be able to maintain some of these relationships and connection to other positive people makes you feel good and part of a community. These things have been proven to have a long-term positive impact on a persons physical and mental health.