Girl POWER!!!

What do you get when you have a room full of ten powerful, strong, vulnerable and willing Black and Latina women? YOU GET GIRL POWER! This past Monday I had the honor of facilitating group work with 10 dynamic women. As with any new group, there was little said in the beginning. As anxious eyes looked around, as an individual therapist to several of these women, I wanted to check in one on one. But…I couldn’t. Group work world is a whole other universe where you have to be mindful about how every single action and interaction effects everyone else in the room. It’s kind of like having more than one slightly jealous husband or overly involved mother in the same room at the same time. But despite that i have to say I LOVE IT! Because besides having to maintain this delicate balance there is the real work that must take place. This was the initial phase of getting to know each other, questioning and becoming comfortable. But just a few weeks, or in this groups case, minutes in- you have a different set up. People hearing each others voices, sharing, empathizing, connecting. This is where foundations are laid for the work that will get them, and me as their facilitator, to a whole new place of strength and understanding. I enjoy the journey!