The Art of Forgiveness

Everyone has experienced a time in their life when they have been hurt or betrayed. Sometimes these wounds can be so deep that you believe they couldn’t possibly heal. I am always impressed by those that suffer great losses, like the loss of a loved one at the hands of another and the immediate forgiveness that can follow. No one wants to be tested on it, but many consider – could I ever forgive that way? Would I ever be able to? Then there are those that experience even the smallest slight and it can take them years of contemplation and soul-searching before they can even consider forgiving, if that ever becomes an option. No matter what your stance is about forgiving, there have been many studies and some proven research about forgiving.

Besides the self-gratification of taking the higher road and forgiving another, there are emotional and health benefits tied to forgiveness. Forgiving can improve depression, and anxiety, decrease stress, lessen the risk of alcoholism and substance abuse. In terms of your own personal growth and relationships, forgiveness improves relationships and can improve ones overall sense of well-being. Forgiveness can give you the space you need to be able to move on and be open to new relationships and the fulfillment that can come from them.

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