Why the blog?

So those of you who have read my blog for  while are pretty familiar with who I am and why I blog. Feel free to skip this introduction,  it’s for newer readers who may not be so familiar. I started a private psychotherapy practice in the fall of 2011 and wanted to find a way to speak to current and potential clients. I found that many of my clients deal with similar struggles around issues relating to communication, parenthood,  intimate relationships, mood issues like depression and anxiety, issues of race and racism. I wanted to create a venue where I could discuss and normalize some of the issues impacting so many. I also blog for potential clients.  Those wanting to get a feel for who I am as their potential new therapist. I am open to blogging about topics multiple clients request specific information on. I have also found blogging to be a bit of a creative and expressive outlet for me.

Besides a blogger and a therapist, I am also a program director with a very large, well established non profit agency in NYC. I am a mother of two young men. My blogs are often colored by the perspective I have as a mother, daughter, sister, friend, aunt, and a wife. I was born and raised in the Bronx, NYC (not Riverdale 😉) my approach to blogging and life is also impacted by my ethnic and economic experience.

For more about my practice check my website at AmiraCrawfordTherapist.Com


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